About The Best Kind

The Best Kind of gift boxes Australia new South Wales

Hi there,
My name’s Jess. I am the joy-filled founder of The Best Kind!

The Best Kind creates thoughtful gift boxes, encouraging more self care and a positive well being. 
Curious about the human behind the brand?
(I know I always am!). Well, there I am, with my incredible husband!
Because more than ever, I was feeling the pressure of society – trying to find a balance between all the craziness of work, life and love. Somewhere amongst the chaos it was only getting tougher to show those in my life how much I care for them. Each day I felt time slipping through my fingers and feeling as though I wasn’t spending the time or effort showing my special women how much I cared about them, encouraging self care and recognising when to slow down and take some time out –things that I’ve always been so passionate about! 

Whether it was a special occasion for my bestie, my mum, my sister on her graduation day, one of my soon-to-be-Mumma friends, or my work colleague on her birthday – finding the right gift that was meaningful, useful and affordable was all too hard and felt impossible at times! I ultimately needed a place where I could go and in just a few simple clicks, find that perfect gift – something that would bring a smile to someone's face, encourage slowing down and taking some time for self-care – something that ticks all the boxes and can be delivered to that special someone’s door step.  And a little of this shines through all of TBK's gift boxes. 
Something that doesn’t go to the back of the cupboard until it’s re-discovered years later. Then I really thought about exactly what it was that somebody like myself would find useful as a gifter and a receiver. And just like that, I wanted to bring something magical to life. The creative juices started flowing and I thought… What will save me time, while still showing I care? What would be my ideal gift? A book filled with golden mantras on living a mindful life, embracing self-care or raising a new born – yes please! Some delicious body goodies – that’s a given! A sweet and tasty treat – who could resist!? Something that smells like heaven, maybe a candle or two – no doubt about it! All ready to gift, and deliver, with just the click of a button. 
Over the past year, I've used my journey as an opportunity to meet many local Aussie brands and build relationships through our shared love of life and well-being. I've used and re-used a bunch of amazing products in the hunt for our perfect pieces! Each treasured product in our gift boxes has been hand picked to make every woman feel cared for - the way it should be!   
Many of our products are created by (amazing) Aussie business women. When you purchase from us, you really are making another human do a happy dance! All of our products are of the highest quality, and we are on a journey to stocking only organic and vegan products (watch this space!). 
I aspire for The Best Kind to save you a bunch of time, making life that little bit easier and a bucket-load more satisfying, while also aiming to encourage a heap of self love to every single woman who receives one of our beautiful gift boxes. 
I truly hope you love the hand packed gift boxes we have put together, and get the opportunity to give a little of our love out to those who mean the most to you, I promise we’ll take care of them!
Jess xo