Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box
Girl Boss Gift Box

Girl Boss Gift Box

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Ever have an earth-shatteringly great idea in the shower? Yep, us too! The best ideas jump into our brains when we feel zen. For those always on-the-go, the boss babes in the midst of kicking goals and building their empires, slowing down can feel counterintuitive. But sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed!

The Best Kind's Goal Crusher gift box includes products that combine self-care with hustle. A sleek, hardcover dateless planner that will inspire anyone to sit down and map out their goals, a zen oil roller that delivers epic moments of chill and a coffee scrub that acts like espresso on the skin. It’s a great gift for the ladies in your life who are on their grind. Send them this gift box and show them you’re cheering them on every step of the way.

What’s Inside

  • CanvastCo Dateless Planner
  • Sawyer Bear Blends Zen Oil Roller
  • Sleek Pen

CanvastCo Dateless Planner

An all-in-one life planner made specifically for the girl bosses who want to get it all done. It’s made with high quality materials and extreme attention to detail. It’s so much more than your everyday diary. That super woman you are thinking of - she needs this. Here's why:

  • It’s dateless so you can organise things YOUR way and start crushing goals any day of the year (forget waiting until the new year!)
  • The budget section for keeping track of ze dollars.
  • Perforated to-do lists for an easy rip and go scenario.
  • A well designed goals section for keeping track of the big picture.
  • Monthly pep talks, each dateless month begins with a theme like money or love and features rousing pep talk on said topic.
  • It’s hardcover and the design is super sleek. What more could you want?!

Beautifully printed, sleek pen

To take along everywhere that the CanvastCo goes, of course!

Sawyer Bear Blends Zen Oil Roller

Dreaming big can induce freak outs. It happens to the best of us. This essential oil blend contains ingredients like wild orange, rose, vanilla and cinnamon and is designed to calm a frantic mind. To use, apply to the pulse points like the wrist, neck and ankles.


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